Character Design “Beyond Atlantis”

Shop window for Montiel Jewellers
Main material: paper
Photography: Rubén García @garciablazquezfoto

© All rights reserved
Joyería Montiel

For this window display project entitled “Beyond Atlantis”, we have designed two fantastic characters that inhabit the depths of the ocean. Along with them, we will travel through the showcases to discover the marvelous watches that are “born” among corals and ruins. Each of these characters is approximately 50 cm high and both are made by hand, using high-quality paper and cardboard. The skirts they wear are also hand-painted. In addition, one of these characters is accompanied by a type of underwater sledge that transports the watches. Where to? We leave it to the imagination of the viewers…

In addition, we have also designed two ships to decorate one of the three showcases of this project, specifically the central one. One is a small bathyscaphe, baptized with the name of “Critias”, which is 25 cm long, while the other is a 60 cm submarine named “Timeo”. Both refer to Plato’s dialogues in which this submerged island is mentioned. They are made by hand, using paper and cardboard. We will dive along with them into the depths of the ocean to discover a fantastic world beyond Atlantis.

To see in detail all the pieces showed in the window displays: See window diplays.