Window display “Alice in Wonderland”

Shop window for Montiel Jewelry
Main material: paper
Photography: Rubén García @garciablazquezfoto

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Montiel jewelry

The evocative universe of “Alice in Wonderland” has become the starring theme of the shopwindow displays for the winter season at Montiel Jewellers. Through the six windows displays we travel to that fantastic world in which Alice immerses herself.

Reinterpreting this fabulous story has been a very interesting creative challenge. We have set it up in a winter inspired atmosphere using a minimalistic background in greys and lilacs in which we have placed the main characters. They are very detailed though! We have specially taken care of the integration of the jewels into the scenography to make sure they are part of the narrative.

In the three main shopwindows, we can find the Mad Hatter sitting on a peculiar wagon, Alice who has drunk from the bottle and grown up leaving the house clock, and finally, a sophisticated Red Queen taking a selfie.

In the windows at the sides, located below an arcade, we have created “The trip of the White Rabbit” told in three displays. In the first one, a peculiar machine, in the way of a rail wagon, is pulling three sledges which transport watches of the Tag Heuer brand on several grey prisms. In the central window, the Knights of the Red Queen are busy painting those grey pieces in blue, which on this occasion displays watches by the Nomos brand. This scene reminds us of that one from the tale in which roses are painted in red. Finally, in the final window we can see those finished prisms which are holding up watches by Omega.  Everything is ready just in time for tea time, just as it can be seen through one of the windows.

As it can be noticed, some of the pieces are illuminated, which allows us to tell the story on two levels. On the one hand, what is happening on the general scenography and on the other hand, what is happening inside the windows. For instance, in the window of the Mad Hatter we can see this character serving tea, but through the windows we can look at the Cheshire Cat and several watches that are pointing to six, the time in which time actually stops in the tale. “The Queen jumped up and bawled out! He’s murdering the time!” “And ever since that … It’s always six o’clock now … it’s always tea-time, and we’ve no time to wash the things between whiles.” explains the Mad Hatter to Alice in the episode of his tea party with the March Hare.

In the display of Alice, we can see through all the illuminated windows how all the furniture leaves flying as she grows up after drinking from the bottle. The rail wagon has also its lights on and we can clearly appreciate the White Rabbit who is glancing at his watch looking concerned about arriving in time.

Finally, this fantasy of Alice allows us to decontextualize it temporally, in such a way that we can find classical reminiscences combined with current elements. That is the case, as an example, of the Red Queen, dressed in a style which reminds us of the late XIX century. However, she is carrying a mobile phone and is taking a selfie. Alice is holding a mobile phone in her hand that is about to drop and on which we can see a photo that shows the White Rabbit through the window of the wagon.

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Mad Hatter

Red Queen


The journey of the white rabbit

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