Window display “Beyond Atlantis”

Shop window for Montiel Jewellers
Main material: paper
Photography: Rubén García @garciablazquezfoto

© All rights reserved
Joyería Montiel

“Beyond Atlantis” is the title of this project designed for Montiel jewelry, whose window display is located in an arcade. The fact that there was in this porch, which does not receive direct sunlight, was ideal for this theme. We can imagine that space as “a cave” that leads us to a fantastic place.

This theme evokes the depths of the ocean and leads us to imagine an exotic voyage of exploration and adventure. For depicting this marine world, we have two ships, which appear in the central display case. The first is a small bathyscaphe baptized with the name of “Critias”, which is 25 cm long, whereas the latter is a submarine of 60 cm in length that we have named “Timeo”. Both refer to Plato’s dialogues in which he speaks of this mythical island.

On this journey, we are accompanied by some special characters, halfway between divers and astronauts and fantastic characters who live beyond Atlantis and explore the depths. Together with them, we will discover how watches from brands such as Hublot, TAG Heuer and Omega flourish among ruins and beautiful corals.

The project has been made of high-quality paper by hand and in the next link you can see in detail the design of the characters and the ships: see designs