“The game” Window display

Shop window for Montiel Jewelry
Main material: paper
Photography: Rubén García @garciablazquezfoto

© All rights reserved
Joyería Montiel

Some birds, wearing sports shoes, become the protagonists of “The game”, the title of this window display project.

These birds are also characterized by their long tails. The bird on the left carries a sports bag in its beak and the one on the right hangs a whistle, while the central one plays with a geometric piece as if it were a ball. For each window, a series of pieces have also been created. They establish a creative game between the jewels and these pieces of paper. This is the case, for example, of the fallen feathers or the slippers that the central bird has left on the ground before getting on the panel. Cords and rings intertwine in an elegant composition.

All the windows are handcrafted in high quality paper and cardboard.

In the following link, you can see in detail the designs of the birds: see designs