Window display “The magic flute”

Shop window for Montiel Jewellers
Main material: paper
Fotography: Rubén García @garciablazquezfoto

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Montiel jewerly

The opera has been the chosen topic to design the winter season corner window displays for Montiel Jewellers. It features a set of three windows which feature “The Magic Flute” by Mozart.

Papageno is represented in the first one, being one of the main characters of this piece. He is the Queen of the Night’s bird catcher. He is featured carrying his cage on his back. On this occasion he is also holding a little cloth in his hand with which he is ready to polish the watches of Montiel Jewellers.

The Queen of the Night stars in the second display. She is a magnificent character with imposing strength. That is why the dress is designed in a geometrical structure which even recalls a suit of armour. She is escorted by three cats which represent the three maids who accompany her at the opera. These characters oppose the birds which are hovering around Papageno and Tamino, the prince bearing the flute with magical powers, who appears in the last window.

At the background of each display a skyline inspired by the city of Salzburg is featured and goes along the windows unifying the whole project.

The colour range is similar in the whole set. Cold tones such as blue and purple stand out besides white, very typical of winter which provide the set which sobriety and elegance and highlight the beauty of watches by brands such as Hublot, Omega or Tag Heuer.

For the front shop-window of this business, we have created several window displays inspired by “Puccini” operas. (See project)