Window display “The naturalists”

Shop window for Montiel Jewelry
Main material: paper

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Joyería Montiel

This project has been one of the winners of Selected Bilbao 2023. 
Golden Letter Award 2023 Miscellaneous category organized by Veredictas. 

The curiosity to discover and understand the natural environment has inspired this jewellery shop window project, handcrafted in paper.
Some peculiar naturalists become the prominent figures and introduce us to the story, the essential foundation to attract the viewer. In this project, the combination of colours also stands out, with yellow as the guiding thread, and the costumes which transports us, in a way, to the end of the 19th century, a century full of discoveries and explorations. However, it is decontextualized with the sporty style adopted by the characters. We like these games that generate surprise, as they attract attention and invite you to stop at the multiple details of the windows. All of them accompany the story and guide us to the jewels that bloom in this landscape.
These shop windows are, in short, an invitation to travel with your imagination and enter that fantastic world.

Everyone of the pieces is full of details and has been handcrafted with paper. See detail in design of characters: “Character design”

Jewelry details

Inside the jewelry

See detail in “design of characters”.