Window display “Watchmarker´s dream”

Shop window for Montiel Jewelry
Main material: paper
Photography: Rubén García @garciablazquezfoto

© All rights reserved
Joyería Montiel

These window displays take us on a journey through the history of watchmaking, specifically the invention of the pendulum, the creation of the chronometer and the journey to the moon of the first wristwatch.

These window displays are part of a series of six showcases entitled “Dreams in a Drawer” and “The Watchmaker’s Dream”.

Link to “Drams in a Drawer“.

The Dutchman Christiaan Huygens invented the pendulum clock in 1656.
John Harrison, an English watchmaker, made the first marine chronometer that allowed the exact position of a ship to be fixed in 1759.
The trip to space. NASA chooses the Omega Speedmaster watch to accompany the first astronauts to the moon in 1969.

Design detail of the pieces