Estudio Similarte

About us

Similarte Estudio was born out of Mila García's enthusiasm for the art of cutting paper.

“We are passionate about the creative possibilities of this storytelling material. We are fascinated by craftsmanship and take care of every detail to develop original projects that surprise.”

We carry out visual communication projects. We mainly create stories and design sets on paper, although we also dare with other materials, for advertising videos, videomapping, cinema, advertising, window dressing, editorial illustration, and so on.

We also give workshops, both for adults and children, to introduce the world of paper cutting.

If you want to give a different air to an advertising campaign, if you need a workshop to activate the creativity of your team, an original strategy in Social Networks or any other idea that comes to mind, contact us and we will be happy to have a coffee with you.

Equipo Similarte

"I own the world all the more the greater the ability I have to miniaturize it. But by the way, we must understand that in miniature values are condensed and enriched. You have to go beyond logic to live the great that exists within the small."

Gastón Gachelard French Philosopher